About us

Attitude Performing Arts School (formerly Attitude Drama School) is a local well-known amateur theatre group based in Speke. Attitude was set up in 2009 to fill a gap in the provision of performing arts for children and young people in the area. We were and still are the only provision in Speke that provides this type of service.

Attitude is committed to providing an affordable performing arts service that is accessible to all children and young people. We teach the basics in performing arts and introduce children to performing through drama games, improvisation and group work. Our sessions are heavily focused around having fun, developing confidence and learning new things.

We are a friendly, family-like group that welcomes new members and creates lifelong friendships. For some, Attitude is an escape, it is a safe place where our members can be who they want to be without any judgements.

Our main aim is to provide issue based theatre productions/projects to help raise awareness of present issues in communities and young peoples lives.

Some of the projects we have already delivered;

  • An intergenerational project raising awareness of Alzheimer's and its effects on families. During this project we had children, young people and older citizens (65+) write a play, perform the play and take it on tour around sheltered accomodation.
  • 'I'm free' A play based on Suicide in Young People
  • Play's raising awareness of Mental Health in Children and Young People
  • A performance based on Domestic Violence in Young Relationships
  • 'We Need You' a project working with Liverpool University and Generation R to raise awareness of Antibiotic Resistance.

We are based at the Speke Youth and Community Centre, Conleach Road, L24 0TR (opposite the Lifestyles Austin Rawlinson).